Affinity Entertainment is a full service event company. Event design, booking entertainment, producing and managing events is our expertise

Affinity Entertainment has over a decade of experience booking entertainment planning events locally and world wide

  • Palm Beach Event Planning fireworks
  • Promotional Campaign Ciroc
  • Jets Event
  • Sound Setup
  • Sporting Event Dolphi Half Time
  • Tent Cabana
  • Tent Furnishings
  • Tent Lining
  • Tent Unique
  • Canopy Truss Suspended
  • Charity Pet Set
  • Clear Span Ceiling
  • Corporate Robb Report
  • Grand Opening Avitat
  • Grand Opening W Hotel
  • Lighting Screens
  • Lighting Setups
  • Live Event
  • mar a lago audience
  • Municipality Fourth on Flagler
  • super yachts # 1
Palm Beach Event Planning fireworks1 Promotional Campaign Ciroc2 Jets Event3 Sound Setup4 Sporting Event Dolphi Half Time5 Tent Cabana6 Tent Furnishings7 Tent Lining8 Tent Unique9 Canopy Truss Suspended10 Charity Pet Set11 Clear Span Ceiling12 Corporate Robb Report13 Grand Opening Avitat14 Grand Opening W Hotel15 Lighting Screens16 Lighting Setups17 Live Event 18 mar a lago audience19 Municipality Fourth on Flagler20 super yachts # 121



Affinity Entertainment with over a decade of experience of booking entertainment or producing events from major festivals and concerts to intimate grand openings and corporate parties locally and world wide. Affinity Entertainment has the reputation, knowledge and experience to make your event the best no matter the size.

At, Affinity Entertainment we have the technical insight and most important the experience and trusted relationships built over the years with a vast network of major entertainment agents, top suppliers and the professional management expertise to help you achieve the most for your event dollars.


Affinity Entertainment while having a reputation as trusted experts in the entertainment industry value you and your event and become part of your team and work tirelessly to ensure that everything goes exactly as planned.

Yes, Affinity Entertainment is a growing company with over a decade of experience, knowledge and trusted relationships in the special events field and we will share your highest standards. At Affinity Entertainment we give the same attention to detail and creative energy to all sizes and styles of events and pledge to keep your best interests at heart and ensure that your event will be the most important event produced.

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“We value our many long-term relationships and friends and hope we will soon count you among them”


We value our many long - term relationships and friends
and we hope that we will count you and your event among them.

Thank you

Peter K Smith
Affinity Entertainment inc
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Affinity Entertainment Event Planning

Affinity Entertainment

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